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Elevating Physical Education (PE) in Schools

At YDP Oxford, we understand the importance of a well-rounded education that includes physical fitness. We recognize that not all teaching staff are sports enthusiasts, and that's where we come in. Our mission is to ease the burden on schools by providing high-quality PE lessons delivered by qualified coaches.

We're dedicated to enhancing the physical education experience for both students and teaching staff. Our team of passionate and certified coaches bring expertise, enthusiasm, and a fresh perspective to PE lessons.

Why choose YDP Oxford?

Qualified coaches

Our coaches are certified professionals with a deep understanding of physical education.

Tailored programs

We create customized PE programs to meet the unique needs and goals of your school.


We aim to make PE enjoyable and accessible for all, including those who may not be naturally sporty.


Our lessons are designed to engage and inspire students, fostering a lifelong love for physical fitness.

Our Services


Curriculum enhanchement

We work with schools to integrate PE seamlessly into the curriculum, making it an enriching part of a student's educational journey.


Teacher training

We offer training for teaching staff to build confidence and competence in delivering PE.


After-school programs

Extend physical education beyond the classroom with our fun and interactive after-school programs.

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